Our Wines



Norton 2013 ~ The North American grape, can be very spicy. Some say it resembles cloves. However, we are trying to develop vineyard practices that promote more of the ripe berry flavors. We are happy with our success with this vintage. It shows a very pleasant finish with extreme fruit, rich and velvety. Our best yet!

Chambourcin 2012~ This wine is very complex showing much velvety, ripe berry flavor. Not so much woody flavor from the French oak, but the toast flavor stands out nicely. There are only enough tannin for good structure. It is aging nicely. Goes well with steak.

Vineyard Brothers-Satisfied ~ We offer this 50/50 blend of Norton and Chambourcin to those who feel that Norton is too spicy. The marrying of the two varietals has created something special with only a hint of clove, rich and velvety soft in structure. This wine recently received two Gold Medals!!

Chambourcin 2005 ~ This is our oldest, well aged wine. Showing its age with a reddish-brown color and small loss of it’s Sever body, being replaced with a softer character.

Cabernet Franc 2009 ~ The Cabernet Franc grape produces a wine that is distinctly spicy with robust flavors and tannic mouth feel. This wine has recently started showing lower tannins and a somewhat softer nature but remaining bold. Manly body ~ muy macho!

Grand Vista 2011 ~ This is a blend of  75% Cabernet Franc and 25% Chambourcin. We find that the Chambourcin lowers the tannin in the blend and adds a touch of softness. Very strong character of Cabernet!!


Traminette ~ This grape has been very well received here in NC. It is a hybrid of the German Gewurztraminer and shows much likeness to that parent with much fruit up front. However, it will finish dry and delivers citrus like flavor.

White Merlot ~ No flavor of red fruit what so ever but does show a little body. Fresh and clean with subtle fruit and a hint of pear.

Seyval Blanc ~  The Seyval Blanc grape has been in NC for a long time but not as popular as it has been in the past. Consistent vintages and double yeasted. Goes well with pasta and white sauce.

Vidal Blanc ~  Not as fruity as Traminette. Classed as a dinner wine. The fruit speaks of citrus, crisp and refreshing.

Sisters of Satisfaction ~  Tropical and dry. Double-yeasted with a blend of Pinot Gris, Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc and Symphony.

White Chambourcin 2011(French Style) ~  Made from red Chambourcin grape with a dry, light, clean, delicate taste. Completely refreshing!

White Chambourcin (American Style) ~ This wine is made from red Chambourcin grapes that have been fermented off-the-skins to produce a light pink color. Light and delicate like the French style bit sweetened to 3% sugar to resemble more closely with White Zinfandel.



Vidal Blanc ~  Dry and crisp (Brut style)

Rosé of Chambourcin ~  Semi-dry